Testimonials – Center for Advanced Neurotherapy

BCIA_BoardCertInNeuro_Gold_145The Center for Advanced NeuroTherapy is a clinic comprised of a team of highly skilled individuals, dedicated to creating a better approach to healing.


“Advanced Neurotherapy is an excellent resource for anyone seeking skilled and comprehensive brain training services. They offer a complete line of state of the art instrumentation and ancillary modalities to help their clients achieve success in a wide variety of clinical disorders. They also offer consultative services for practitioners needing advice and guidance in developing effective treatment programs.”
–Loren E. Pedersen, PhD (July 2011)

“I want to thank you for being the best at what you do. I want to thank you for taking the time and energy to help those who are hurting. I want you to know how much you are appreciated for being part of the Bay Area Network of health care professionals that help take care of people with chronic disease.
Your expertise has been a big help to me in my chronic pain management practice for which I will always be in your debt. Your knowledge/skills greatly contribute to our team approach.”
–Robert S. Cluff M.D.

“During the last 18 years of my 50 years in the practice of medicine, I used Biofeedback training as a therapeutic tool. Dr. Norma Estrada and I were particularly impressed with efficacy of EEG brainwave training in the treatment of stress related problems.

Over the past many years, Carolyn Robertson has been working with a system of computerized brainwave modulation that has a great potential in the treatment not only in stress related illness but also a number of other related illnesses that resist conventional treatment.

Carolyn is a warm, caring therapist and I had no reservations in recommending referrals to her office. I have referred several patients to her–all with good improvement–especially with head injury, stroke, depression, anxiety, and character disorder.”
–Arthur E. Gladman, M.D.



“My nine-year-old son has been suffering from depression, ADHD, autistic tendencies, and possibly some damage due to oxygen deprivation at birth. I thought his problems must be due to mistakes in parenting. I was inconsistent with him, and that greatly magnified his existing symptoms. My very intelligent, compassionate son grew more and more angry, depressed, and frustrated. His social struggles became heartbreaking. I stumbled on (to Advanced NeuroTherapy) while making calls out of the Yellow Pages, just seeking something that could help. My son has been being treated with Carolyn Robertson and her wonderful staff for the last nine months. He is no longer depressed. He is no longer an angry little boy. His social life has greatly improved. I joyfully report that to this point, we have not had to put him on medication. While my son will always be challenged somewhat due to his neurological make-up, he can now live a happy, regular life. I think Carolyn Robertson and her staff saved his life.”

“I am so glad I took the step to call you and have you work with David. I had heard about your work from several colleagues who spoke very highly of this “unique new form of biofeedback therapy.” I confess I was a little leery at first, given my training in Social Work, but having tried the available therapies for David’s ADD, as well as Ritalin, I felt I had little to lose. In just a few weeks David is more focused, diligent and outgoing than he has ever been. I am very pleased with the results you have achieved and no longer consider my colleagues to have been making extravagant claims. Thank you so much for your pioneering work in this field. I wish you (and your patients) all the success in the world.”

” My ten year old son came in to your clinic, having serious impulse control problems, day dreaming (tuning out the world) and difficulty following directions. The staff worked closely with him during nine appointments, until we had to move to Arizona. Twenty-two appointments were recommended for improvement to occur. Even though treatment was not completed he has gained a great amount of inner control, and his new teacher here in Arizona has not complained about the former symptoms displayed before being seen by your warm-hearted staff. The atmosphere was like being home and the rewards definitely helped motivate my son to beat his own scores. Thank you for making his life more manageable.”